The Compendium

  • Secret Clubs 5

Secret Clubs Around the World

My wandering mind has recently been dreaming about the intriguing world of members-only clubs hidden around the globe.

  • Laid Back Luxe 2

Laid-Back Luxe

If you’re planning to escape our impending winter in 2014, this epic accomm might be just what you need:  Super-chilled, rancho relaxo,  San Giorgio Casa Privata in Mykonos, Greece.

  • tumblr_mloezrOoip1s7141go1_500

Dorothy Thorpe (1901 – 1989)

This little gem-of-a-woman hit her peak Mid-20th century in Los Angeles – my favourite period in history.

  • Pierre Cardin 3

My Mate, Pierre

One of the longest spanning successful design careers I know of has to belong to this guy. 

  • tumblr_mkxdx84iLC1s7141go2_1280

Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe

Even if this name is new to you, I guarantee you have encountered a creation by this man at some point in your life already. 

  • tumblr_miuo97mqyL1s7141go3_1280

Casa Kimball

If you’re dreaming of a seaside escape, add this one to your swoon file. 

  • tumblr_mn2feupChd1s7141go5_1280

Gentlemen’s Attire

By Tommy Ohhh: Fashion buyer and DJ

  • tumblr_mnsbpbBdgJ1s7141go3_1280

She Rocks

One of my all-time favourite Australian artists is Sydney-based, master-of-colour, Dorryce Rock.  I met Dorryce last year whilst sourcing art for a client and fell in love with her luminous and free-flowing masterpieces.

  • tumblr_mpy637DLrh1s7141go5_r1_540

There Are No Failures, Only Outcomes

A little left of field but this tale of epicness is for the creative entrepreneurs.

  • Tribute to David Collins

Tribute to David Collins

Legendary British interior designer, David Collins, lost his brief and unexpected battle with cancer this week.

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