Today we look at the clever and simply stunning design of a concrete house by Design Arquitetura.

Situated on the outskirts of Brasilia, ‘Casa Solar Da Serra’ is just far enough away from the city whilst remaining totally embedded within nature. In this part of town, people like to live closer to nature, and this house is designed perfectly for doing so.

Built on a site of natural preservation, this house is built so that the concrete prism just sits on the sloping gradient of the field. The designers worked with the uneven topography of the surrounding land. The concrete prism itself frames that nature around it and provides uninterrupted horizontal views across the expanse.

To house only a single resident, the floorplan is pretty straightforward, totalling a mere 25sqm over the entire property. All the rooms are planned horizontally and one after the other alongside a hallway. A series of sliding doors open along its length to allow ventilation and natural light to come through. As concrete is a material that naturally absorbs or retains heat, the cross-ventilation allowed by the doors prevents things from warming up.

I love that this ultra modern design somehow retains a strong air of livability and comfort. If I were to want to live in nature in solitude, this is where I’d be!  

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