Luke Edward Hall is a young creative taking the design world by storm at the moment. A multi-talented and self professed ‘polymath’, this 26 year old is orchestrating a symphony of varying pursuits together with masterful manner in which he schemes colours.

Recently, he became widely known through his work on a Burberry campaign where he rendered accessories and portraits shot by Mario Testino effortlessly and expressively in his signature drawing style, across a series of images. Responding to an increasing yearning for things that feel hand made, hand drawn, tactile and real (in a world of digitalised art and highly edited productions) this campaign hit home for many. Since then, Luke has been working on a project load that varies from painting his playful motifs of martini glasses, lobsters, dachshunds or witticisms on ceramics and pocket squares books, to painting family portraits, to illustrating books, producing lines of textiles, to decorating a Georgian country house in Kent.

In fact, he left a full time position with British architect, Ben Pentreath, a year ago to set up his own studio in North London from which he attends to his diverse projects. Describing his work as ‘anti-perfect’, Hall uses watercolours, chalk and pastels predominantly in his pieces, because they are more difficult mediums to control, allowing his work to express itself more naturally. While sometimes he might create his illustrations with the right expression the first time around, at other times it takes him many repeats to get it right. His work and imagery references his travels, his love of mid-century line drawing, greek mythology, and Jean Cocteau. Everything comes together in a beautiful cacophony of colours, styles, references that are artfully inconsistent, yet keeping within the theme of his eye.

His approach to interiors is to tackle each room individually, rather than a house as a whole. He would buy things room per room. An avid collector and reseller of interiors products, his eye is sound and his experience is well earned. I love that he confidently mixes and layers jewel tones and other bright hues with patterns that range in style and motif. With that, he decorates his home with furniture and items that tell stories, and speak the language of his personality – eclectic, charismatic, whimsical, tongue-in-cheek, romantic with a touch of flamboyance. The home he lives in with his partner reflects all this with pineapple based lamps resting in rooms of emerald green that exhibit multi-coloured and vast-patterned cushions, couches, rugs and paraphernalia. It’s an honest and intriguing style that is consistent from his art to his homewares to his home.

It’s so much fun to see someone excel in dabbling with so many things. He was recently featured in design gallerist David Gill’s annual ‘Young Bright Things’ exhibit – unsurprising and very apt title. I’m excited to see where he’ll go next! For now, you can purchase some of his creations on 1st Dibs!

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